6 Alternatives That Can Help You To Quit Smoking

Every time you smoke, you are not just puffing a cigarette; instead, you are breathing a deadly combination of tar, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide. If reports from WHO are to be believed, tobacco is responsible for 6 million deaths every year. Also, let’s not forget the 600,000 people who suffer from second-hand smoke exposure yearly. The presence of chemical and cancer causing carcinogens along with radioactive components in tobacco can accumulate the lungs over time further making you prone to cancer, which is enough to take a strict call and quit smoking.

If you too feel the same and are already making every possible effort towards quitting smoking, here are 6 natural methods that would relieve your lungs a bit.


Withdrawing nicotine comes with its own pros and cons. While, quitting nicotine helps your body in long run, but the short-term withdrawal symptoms including the likes of jitters, uneasiness and irritability are troublesome. This is where acupuncture may help you.

The first week following quitting would probably witness the most intense withdrawal symptoms which slowly drop after a month. The acupuncture therapy is beneficial in treating all types of addictions especially smoke cessation.

Before receiving acupuncture, your smoking habits will be assessed by a therapist. Details concerning your smoking frequency and the reasons that stimulate your smoking urge will be looked into. The general stimulants that hike your nicotine desire like waking up, sipping the coffee and feeling stressed would be studied.

Once all these factors are analyzed, your therapist would plan a proper treatment procedure that would control your desire to smoke. Acupuncture works by raising the serotonin levels in the plasma and brain tissue, thereby helping you in fighting the urge to smoke.


Hypnotherapy, a type of psychotherapy is a very effective method to get rid of bad habits and reach the base of triggers that are associated with your emotions and delve deep into your consciousness. One can reach the trance state through guided meditation, actualization, and deep breathing.

Your hypnotherapist will communicate with you through this process of trance and conveys your subconscious by motivating you for giving up smoking and alter your previous smoking behavior.

Imagery or cognition is often applied in hypnotherapy for those smokers who desire to shun the habit. Your therapist might even tell you to imagine how convenient breathing will be without smoking. Hypnosis, all the more is favorable for those smokers with a history of depression or psychiatric condition.


Meditation relieves you from all stress, thus, if you stress is one of the smoking triggers for you, meditation takes care of that. Further, the process takes you in a cool and calm environment which enables you to assess things accordingly, and this would work by motivating you to smoke.

The psychological discomfort and stress undergone by former smokers during the first few weeks of withdrawal are handled through meditation. Mindfulness meditation is a minute-by-minute process of clearly and actively viewing one’s physical, mental plus passionate experiences. It cognitively aids in controlling craving, withdrawal indications, stress and gloomy emotions arising from smoking.


A plain self-massage in the ear or even hand can decrease your nicotine yearnings for smoking. Touching one’s ear or hand soothes the mind and decimates the craving as they are microsystems that identify the total body. For instance, a medical problem inside your body can be treated by applying numerous points in a single microsystem, which can be your ear or hand.

In a study carried out at the Miami University School of Medicine, smokers had to perform a hand or ear self-massage during three craving a day for a one month period. Researchers explored that those who had given themselves a massage had lesser anxiety, better temperament, fewer withdrawal symptoms and smoked lesser cigarettes each day in comparison to their other partners.

Just a two-minute massage on these dual microsystems can decrease your cravings and raise your comfort level.


A session with your physician can aid in quitting smoking. Certified tobacco treatment experts can also assist you in creating an individual success strategy to exist tobacco-free. A doctor’s advice on smoking cessation can hugely aid quitters to stick to a routine and maintain a preventive relapse framework.

It is observed that almost 70 percent quitters tend to relapse within 72 hours, so it is significant to clearly discuss your condition. A brief opinion from a healthcare professional has been shown to increase quitting till three percent. The convincing verbal support of a doctor and the patient’s willpower to quit can grant you a clean healthy slate to start from.

Go For Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Discuss with your physician about nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to counter the cravings. The nicotine nasal spray and inhaler can be procured by prescription along with various stop-smoking drugs like bupropion (Zyban) and varenicline (Chantix). Other types of NRT like patches, lozenges are also available over-the-counter.

The Food and Drug Administration announced that no such safety concerns are linked with employing more than one OTC NRT simultaneously. Hence, if you are having nicotine replacement patches or gum while attempting to quit but hesitate and have a cigarette, there is no need to stop applying the NRT. Instead, go on with the NRT while at the same time keep your efforts on to quit.

Yes, undoubtedly, it sometimes becomes difficult for the long-term smokers to keep instant control on the urge of smoking thus; they can make use of e-cigs that gives various e-liquid flavor options to choose from. E-cigs will help you fight the tobacco craving which slowly and gradually leads to quitting smoking. Besides, e-liquids also offer the options of zero nicotine flavors for vapers and nicotine free e-juices through which you can gradually decrease the nicotine intake day by day.

The bottom line is to keep making the efforts and you’ll surely be successful in quitting smoking one day or the other. Keep the spirits high and your cravings under control.