A Guide to Fully Enjoy Your Senior hood

Lynda Arbon
4 min readJan 20, 2020

Every phase of life should be lived intensely and seniorhood is no exception. Yet, there is a certain stigma attached to being old as people are wary of the changes that can happen within themselves. You should know that there is nothing to be ashamed of ageing as it is one of the beautiful stages of life where you can give full time to yourself.

Ageing gracefully is something which is not at all difficult. You will be interested to know some helpful tips that can effectively slow down the clock of skin and body.

Savour Your Food

Yes, you ought to have a healthy diet, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t savour your favourite dishes at all. Food is a great mood lifter and a fantastic opportunity to commune. There is nothing more beautiful for seniors than having lunch with old friends and reviving all the past events. Just be a little watchful of the unhealthy calories in your diet and you shall be in good health.

Build a Small Social Circle

The importance of being socially active as you age cannot be overstated. Having a small community of yours where you can sit and exchange views and ideas is great stimulation for the mind. One can also pour their heart out in such communities that will only build camaraderie and trust. You can also add youngsters in the group as they will significantly benefit from the advice of seniors. You will also be surprised by seeing the remarkable improvement in your health.

Explore New Places

Travelling is one of the most loved hobbies among people. This is also a domain that senior people look forward to as they usually have a lot of spare time. Apart from the fun and excitement, travelling keeps you fit and healthy too. There are a lot of things you can learn when you visit a new place. Go out and explore all the places you have in your bucket list.

Adopt a Pet

Pets have a unique therapeutic effect on older people that helps to soothe all stress and anxiety. Seniors can also receive loads of unconditional love from them. Still, the biggest benefit of having a pet is that it helps elderly people to stick to a routine. As they keep us on our toes, we tend to be more agile and healthy. One more good reason seniors should have a pet is that it helps in socializing, as most people take great interest in animals.

Get Yourself Checked

Seniors should not ignore even the slightest of niggles as it can indicate a lot of things. Keeping yourself regularly checked prevents any kind of illness to aggravate. Regular check-up is one of the methods that seniors can take to be proactive about their overall wellbeing. While all these health screenings may seem a little cumbersome, you will be saving a lot of time and money by averting the illnesses.

Cut Down Smoking

The issues that come with smoking cigarettes can creep up fast in an older person. Smoking can also weaken the immune system due to the high potency of toxic chemicals present inside the cigarettes. Quitting cigarettes at one stroke is easier said than done as the craving for tobacco is quite high generally. A gadget like an e-cigarette is highly useful to overcome the urge of smoking as you can control the amount of nicotine while vaping. This will slowly help you to end the dependency on tobacco.


Meditation is one of the best techniques that help seniors to maintain energy and vitality. When a person meditates, the body releases a chemical known as endorphins that soothes pain and ache. The positive feeling that meditation gives also keeps all the stress and anxiety at bay. Elderly people can also do laughing therapy which is excellent for boosting the overall immunity.

Get Enough Sleep

There are no excuses for this. As elders have a lot of time for themselves, sleep should not be sacrificed at any cost. A good night’s sleep helps seniors to have better clarity and concentration throughout the day. Getting enough sleep is also essential to repair the damaged tissues and for a faster healing process as well.

Seniorhood is a phase of your life where you can cherish every moment in totality. Following the tips above will help you to stay in splendid health. You will also be amazed to see the love and positivity that would be radiating from you.