Top 8 Habits to Cut-Out for a Healthy Liver

Generally, people are aware of all those detoxes that other people try to get them in to buy. However, they do not know much about a way that naturally detoxes their body — it is called a liver. The liver is one of the largest and vital organs of a human body that performs 500+ functions. It cleanses the blood, turns nutrients to energy, stores essential vitamins and minerals, and eliminates toxins from the body.

In order to keep this all-important organ in a tip-top condition, here are some things that one should never do.

1) Too Much Alcohol Consumption

Consuming too much alcohol is bad for the body, especially for the liver. Everyone knows this fact. Therefore, if a person does not drink alcohol in moderation, then it can cause damage to his/her liver. It can cause continuing inflammation and require his/her liver to work overtime. Ultimately, it can lead to scar tissue and be the reason for liver failure or other chronic liver diseases. If one is a healthy adult, he/she can consume alcohol in moderation. However, if he/she has a family history of alcohol-related diseases of the liver, it is best to limit its usage.

2) Not Drinking Enough Water

Is water good for your liver? Yes, it is a big YES. If a person is not drinking enough water daily, then it is bad for his/her liver and body as a whole. Usually, the human body is composed of approximately 65% of water. Dehydration can decrease the detoxification capability of the liver. Therefore, to keep his/her liver in hydrated status, one should consume around half of his/her ideal body weight in an ounce of water daily. It is a general rule of thumb. Therefore, one should ensure he/she consumes enough clean water daily to keep his/her body and liver in a tip-top condition.

3) Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking is harmful to the human body, especially the liver. The reason behind it is — toxic chemicals and its tendency to increase oxidative stress in the system. This increased stress level can sooner or later reach the liver and cause not just liver cell damage, but it can damage the entire system cellular damage. The toxic chemicals in tobacco can be the reason for inflammation in the liver and eventual cirrhosis.

4) Obesity Damages the Liver

These days, obesity is a worldwide epidemic. It can lead to various risks such as metabolic disorders, heart conditions, diabetes, and even cancer. Apart from all these, obesity is the major contributor to liver deterioration. Being overweight can buildup fat around the liver and can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases.

5) Consuming Too Much Sugar In Your Diet

One should limit how much sugar he/she can have in his/her diet. It cannot have an impact on waistline, blood sugar level, but it can also cause liver damage. Because of too much sugar, especially fructose consumption, the liver can become overwhelmed. It can damage the liver. That is the reason; one should limit foods that are high in fructose corn syrup and refined sugar. Therefore, by limiting sugar intake, one should keep his/her liver as healthy as he/she can. After all, it is essential.

6) Eating Large Meals Before Bed

Usually, the majority of the liver functions happen at night. Therefore, if a person eats heavy foods such as high glycemic foods at night, then it can create more work for the organ. So, one should avoid consuming large meals before bed and should not consume foods that contain margarine, shortening, or canola oil. Instead of all this, one should include fresh raw carrots and beets in the evening snakes. These both are potent liver cleansing and rebuilding foods.

7) Engaging in Unsafe Sex

It is very risky to engage in unsafe sex, especially with multiple partners. It could be more significant to one’s liver. By engaging in unsafe sex, one could be at high risk of hepatitis. Hepatitis B can be spread through direct contact with blood or bodily fluids. Therefore, to protect his/her liver and overall health, it is imperative that one practice safe sex every single time.

8) Skipping Liver Function Tests

Most people understand the importance of having their cholesterol and heart rate tested during routine checkups. However, generally, they skip liver function tests. They do this because they think they do not drink excessive alcohol. Therefore, there is no need to go for liver function tests. However, it is a misconception. Some liver conditions are not associated with alcohol consumption and have little or no symptoms until it has advanced. So, one should never skip it.

Final Thoughts

Briefly, the liver does all the dirty work for the rest of the body by removing all the unhealthy things that a person consumes. Therefore, to keep it fit and healthy, one should be aware of the above-discussed habits that he/she should cut out from the daily routine.